Our Mission

At Universal Aquatics, our goal is to provide our customers, both residential and commercial, with the highest standard in water feature design and installation. Your new backyard investment should be a source of enjoyment for friends and family, so we always strive for the most reliable, low-maintenance water displays.

From koi ponds to garden waterfalls, our mission is to transform your outdoor space into a magazine-worthy snapshot.

Our Promise

At Universal Aquatics, we believe that a relationship built on trust will consistently continue to grow stronger than one built on terms & conditions.

We are perfectionists in regards to our work, and complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

John Magyar, owner of Universal Aquatics LLC, is an expert-trained pond biologist with 21+ years of experience in water feature design, installation, and maintenance. The independently owned and operated team was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, but has been involved in installation projects across the country. Our expertise stems from years of experience in the zoo and public aquarium industries, giving us a technical perspective on how plants and fish interact with their environment. Our biology-focused attitude creates a display that will maximize the health of the water feature and the organisms that rely on it.

Continuing Education

Like any technical industry, the world of water features and garden fountains changes quickly. New, more efficient technology is released every year and we want our customers to have access to the best products and services on the market. Our pond technicians attend several yearly meetings for industry education, giving us a chance to learn more about best practices and how we can translate this to homeowner satisfaction.


Universal Aquatics LLC is registered as a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). To meet become a Certified member, applicants must submit their own water feature designs to ensure they meet industry standards in quality and craftsmanship. CAC applicants must also meet a minimum standard in customer satisfaction and complete Aquascape Academy Classes.

This CAC-certification is a testament to our customers and our passion. According to Aquascape’s very own VP for Business Development, “Universal Aquatics of Atlanta, Georgia has demonstrated their ability to install professional, natural-looking water features while providing excellence in service to their customers.”

Why Hire a Certified
Aquascape Contractor?


5 Star Reviews

“You do great work. I was so pleased with my pond maintenance that I have already recommended you to two of my friends. Just let me know if you need a referral. I’d be glad to give you one.”
– Tom, Grayson GA

“After adding the new filtration system to my pond, I can actually see and enjoy my fish again. I have less maintenance on the pond and it is so much easier than the way it was before. I should have had it installed years ago.”
– Myriam, Snellville GA

“I was spending a lot of money on my water bill every month because I couldn’t find the leak in my backyard pond. It’s good to know that I can use that money for other things now. Thanks for the help!”
– Candice, Dacula GA

Aquascape Contractor

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