Summer extends well beyond three months in Atlanta. Temperatures are known for reaching 80 degrees between late April and early October. Many homeowners search for unique ways to cool off during this time, and one of the newest emerging trends are lagoon pools.

Lagoon Pool Installation Services

Backyard lagoon pools are a great place to cool off and relax on a hot day. We take backyard ponds and koi ponds to a whole new level, by designing them with your wants in mind. Each of our Atlanta lagoon pools are created in a way where it is safe and easy to swim. These beautiful pools are also known as recreational ponds, natural swim ponds, natural lagoon pools, and recreational swim ponds among a few others.

Backyard Lagoon Pools

Lagoon Pool Customization

Atlanta lagoon pools come with many options for customization. To make your recreational pool both inviting and truly unique, you can choose between charming and elegant:

  • Beach Entry Points
  • Jumping Boulders
  • Dive Rocks
  • Waterfalls
  • Pond Plants

In addition, you have the option to let fish live in your pond. The Universal Aquatics team is dedicated to creating a space you and your family can enjoy for years to come!

The Better Alternative to Chlorinated Swimming PoolsAtlanta Swin Pond / Leisure Pond

What most do not understand is that swimming in chlorinated swimming pools can be dangerous to your body. In fact, recent studies from The Centers for Disease Control and other medical journals show chlorinated swimming pools produce several negative effects leading to long term damage, such as birth defects, asthma, reproductive disorders, bladder cancer, respiratory issues, and more.

Atlanta Natural Swimming Pools

Atlanta swimming natural pools are built and designed without chlorine and harmful chemicals. Our team understands how to create a natural pool that is both safe and fun for you and your family. Instead of using harmful chemicals to eliminate bacteria in the water, swim ponds are filtered by natural hydraulic and biological processes. Ditch your chlorinated swimming pool and switch to a natural pool instead!

Get your Atlanta Recreational Pond Today!

Choose a safer and more appealing backyard pond today with an Atlanta lagoon pool. With over 20 years of industry experience, Universal Aquatics is the leader in all things pond-related including backyard pond repairs. Between backyard pond installations and pond maintenance services, our team has done it all. We are always excited to start a new project and look forward to helping you with your natural pool or recreational pond. Get started or learn more information by giving us a call at 404-680-2150.