Waterfalls For You and Your Fish

Pond design and InstallationBelieve it or not, waterfalls are not only a health benefit to your fish, but they are also a health benefit to you too. Neighbors talking, cars driving, and doors slamming is a cacophony of noise that is difficult to ignore. However, with waterfalls you can step into a world of tranquility as the soothing sound of flowing water begins to drown out all the suburban clamor. Moreover, backyard waterfalls act as a natural aerator for your koi pond. Fish need air too, and sometimes the oxygen is not distributed to the deeper parts of the pond. You can purchase an aerator, but a waterfall does the job and is much more pleasing to the eye.

Pond or No Pond…You Can Have It

Whether you have a pond or not, you can have a water feature to go in your backyard. Pondless waterfalls and water fountains do not need a pond in order to work or look beautiful. They are easy to maintain and have a positive impact on each person in its presence. Moreover, if you have children, but would still like some type of water feature, then this is perfect for you. You would not have to worry about having a pond that could be dangerous for a small child to be around. Your children will love to look at and listen to the pondless waterfalls or water fountains as well. It works for the whole family!

We Will Make it Happen

Universal Aquatics has over 15 years of experience in pond design, installation and maintenance of koi ponds, water gardens and waterfalls. We would love to get you started on adding water features that would compliment your backyard best. Our Certified Pond Contractors also make sure that each installation is done with precision and perfection. We work to make you happy. We also service a variety of areas in the Atlanta, Georgia area including Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwannee, and Buckhead. We would love to help you out on your next contract, so give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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