Designing and Installing a Custom Water Garden

An Overnight Backyard Paradise

What is a water garden? And why is it becoming one of the most popular outdoor trends in home improvement? Water gardens are essentially backyard displays that feature plants and rock formations around a central source of running water. These fountains, artificial streams, or backyard waterfalls are referred to as “water features,” the most important part of any water garden.

At Universal Aquatics, we design and install Dacula’s most beautiful water features.  From koi ponds to elaborate fountains, our technicians have helped hundreds of homeowners in Gwinnett County redesign the backyards of their dreams. Interested in adding a custom water feature to your property? Call Universal Aquatics today at (404) 680-2150.

Our Services

The Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC) at Universal Aquatics specialize in a wide range of installation and maintenance services. With more than 15 years of experience serving Dacula homeowners, we are your trusted professionals from day one.

• Design: The initial design phase is always the most exciting part of water garden installation. We work hand-in-hand with you to choose the rocks, water features, and other plants that will look best on your property. Designs made by Universal Aquatics have even been featured in the 2016 Water Garden Expo and the industry publication Pond Trade Magazine.

Before we break ground on the construction of your new koi pond or garden fountain, we design a plan that will meet both your budget and your expectations. Once we begin installing the actual hardware, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to several days (depending on the complexity and size of the project).

 Installation: As we construct your new outdoor work of art, our attention to detail and pledge to use only industry-approved parts means that we will run into fewer setbacks, meaning faster installation time and long-term reliability.

As with any outdoor hardware, water features require regular maintenance. Whether that means winterizing your existing pond or cleaning leaves and debris in autumn, Universal Aquatics can respond quickly and affordably to get your pond up and running.

• Maintenance and Repairs: We’ve serviced hundreds of broken ponds, fountains, and garden streams. Our technicians can readily identify the source of the leak or problem part, providing an on-site replacement or repair that will leave it looking like new.

Why Should You Install a Koi Pond or Fountain?

Homeowners want something that makes their property stand out. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or planning to sell your property, unique additions like koi ponds and fountains are sure to turn heads. Just remember, when you do decide to install a water feature, only hire a CAC-approved team that you can trust.  If you’re a Dacula homeowner that’s ready to take the splash into water garden ownership, call Universal Aquatics today!