Designing The Complete Braselton Backyard

Transforming Your Property With Custom Water Features

How can you turn your property into the most desirable lot in the neighborhood?  Running water always increases the visual allure of your property. Whether it’s a water garden, backyard stream, orPondless Waterfall custom waterfall, installing one of these outdoor features instantly boosts the value and entertainment factor of your yard.

At Universal Aquatics, we are your partner in outdoor home improvement projects. Our team of Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC) has been independently owned and operated in the Braselton area for over 15 years, giving us the experience and knowhow to get the job done.

From our award-winning designs to custom maintenance programs, Universal Aquatics is the most trusted name in water feature installation. Some of our recent designs have been featured in Pond Trade Magazine and exhibited in the 2016 Water Garden Expo.  See why our team is making a splash in the Atlanta home improvement industry. Call us today at (404) 680-2150.

Our Most Popular Services

Among Braselton homeowners, there are dozens of popular water features. Among our residential designs, you can choose from several styles until you find one that fits your budget and your outdoor space. Our team designs a custom plan that will utilize plants and natural rock formations to make the water feature totally unique to your property.  Some of our most popular residential designs include:

• Bubbling Rock Fountains: minimalistic, affordable fountains that add a trickling water display to any garden
• Vase and Column Fountains: larger fountains inside of an ornamental vase or stone column
• Koi Ponds: these timeless, Asian-inspired classics feature beautiful carp and churning water in a small pond
• Backyard Streams: a meandering flow of water that curves through your backyard or garden
• Pondless Waterfalls: a cascading waterfall that ends with a disappearing effect, recycling water back to the beginning

We also offer large-scale water features for commercial properties and business clients.  This might include outdoor works like:

• Decorative fountains for golf courses or country clubs
• Retention ponds for shopping malls and hospitals
• Entrances for neighborhoods and business centers

Pond Maintenance and Repairs

Universal Aquatics is your locally owned expert for pond maintenance and fountain repair. Our team pledges to only use high-quality, industry-approved parts so that you can enjoy your outdoor oasis without the hassle of frequent maintenance calls. Like all outdoor hardware, these water features do require regular maintenance like cleanings, winterizing and filter replacements. For every call, we make sure the entire system is running perfectly, so that you get years of easy ownership and relaxation.