Universal Aquatics has been specializing in decorative koi ponds for nearly 20 years, bringing your unique designs to life. Our designs are sure to impress, taking in all that is beautiful, and creating one landscape of your dreams. Our specialists are able to take in all aspects that you want, and create a masterpiece to be looked upon for years. Interested in seeing some of our most raved about designs? Be sure to check out our virtual pond gallery to get some ideas for your personal escape.

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Fulton County Koi Pond Installation

Our decorative koi ponds are just a small step back from full paradise. Heavy effort is put into designing the pond of your dreams, with proper installation, we will ensure that your pond looks and runs amazingly. We will make sure that your pond requires as little maintenance as possible for years to come. Universal Aquatics ensures that you will get the best working goldfish pond, that will last for years to come. Get started today with one of our Fulton County pond installation services.

Backyard Pond Maintenance & Repair in Fulton County

Keep your pond running just like new with our ongoing pond maintenance services. If anything does ever go wrong, just give us a call and we will quickly be out to resolve the problem. Our routine services and occasional maintenance will keep your pond running in its best condition.

If you live in the Fulton County area and are looking to bring your backyard paradise to life, call Universal Aquatics today! You can view our gallery to see some of the beautiful backyard koi ponds and water features we offer. Learn more and get started on your Fulton County pond today! Call (404) 680-2150