Even though it’s January in Atlanta, Old Man Winter ain’t done yet when it comes to your koi pond care. By allowing your koi pond to run during the colder winter months, you are able to enjoy the beauty of ice forming in your stream and waterfall. There are a few things to keep an eye out for when the colder weather starts to hit, but if you follow a few pond rules of fish, I mean thumb, you’ll be in great shape.

Pond Care in the Winter by Universal Aquatics / Atlanta, GA


Can I Leave My Pond on For The Entire Winter?


During the colder months of winter, the normal ways that you have been filling your water feature might not be available. Most of our clients here in the South are able to still use their garden hoses to fill their ponds. After using the hose however, we recommend draining out the remaining water from the hose and storing in a warmer space such as a garage to prevent freezing. On the days when using a garden hose to fill your water feature is not an option, several trips with a five gallon bucket will also do the trick.

Won’t the Water Feature Freeze?

That all Depends!

If your water feature is at least two feet deep and has a pond pump that flows a minimum of 2,000 gallons per hour, you will be able to operate your waterfall successfully during the colder months. As long as the water flows smoothly, this will also usually keep the area in front of the waterfall free of ice. This is extremely important so that the pond fish will have proper gas exchange. If the water flowing into the pond skimmer is having a hard time keeping the pump in good working order, it’s time to creatively refill your water feature again.

Will the Pond Filters and Plumbing Crack?

Pond Filters are made from durable materials that are able to withstand freezing temperatures. Most ponds are constructed with flexible PVC pipe which are also designed to handle freezing temperatures as long as the water continues to flow through them. The running water in the pipes will keep them in tip top shape until spring pond maintenance season. Make sure to double check which materials were used during the initial construction phase of your project to ensure that the pond filters and flexible tubing used on the backyard waterfalls are of the highest quality.

Things to Look Out For:

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your water features. If too much ice forms, it could dam up the water flow and potentially cause some concerns for you. Periodically check the water flow from the pond pump to make sure it is functioning the way it should. If the water level is too low, you might have to get a little creative when filling as mentioned earlier.

As long as you keep those backyard waterfalls and water gardens in good working order, your winter will be sprinkled with not only sugary sweets and and lasting family memories, but with beautiful ponds and happy fish.

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