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Beautiful Backyard Ponds in Lawrenceville

What does the perfect backyard look like? Adding a koi pond, fountain, or other running water feature is one of the biggest trends in today’s home improvement magazines. The tranquil sound of rushing water combined with the beautiful display of rocks and flowers is one of the most stunning ways to transform your yard into an outdoor paradise.

Top-Rated Pond Contractors

As a Lawrenceville homeowner, you are just a call away from speaking with one of the Southeast’s most decorated companies in outdoor fountain and pond installation. Universal Aquatics has been independently owned and operated in the Lawrenceville area for over 15 years and we are proud to have helped hundreds of homeowners, private communities, golf courses, and businesses turn their outdoor vision into reality.

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    Lawrenceville Koi Pond Installation, Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance

    The most exciting part of any home improvement project is the design phase. For whatever you have in mind, our award-winning team of design specialists has the expertise to get the job done affordably and precisely. From backyard waterfalls to koi and fish ponds, our work has been featured in national publications like Pond Trade Magazine and highlighted by the 2016 Water Garden Expo.

    With any design project, our goal is maximize aesthetic features while also keeping the display as low-maintenance as possible. Our commitment to high-quality replacement parts, pumps, and materials means that you can enjoy your outdoor space without the headaches of frequent repairs or leaks.

    As full-service outdoor waterfall and pond experts, Universal Aquatics can take help Lawrenceville homeowners from day one of installation to year five of ownership. We offer a wide range of products, repairs, and even consultative services, including:

    • Installation and design of the most popular outdoor water features like pondless
    waterfalls, garden streams, and koi ponds
    • Periodic pond cleanings
    • Retention liner installation
    • Leak identification and repair
    • Filter replacements
    • Custom lighting installation

    Why Choose Universal Aquatics?

    A trusted home improvement contractor should stand behind the industry’s highest standards, and at Universal Aquatics, we do just that. Our team consists of Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC), meaning that our technicians meet industry benchmarks for workmanship, design, and quality.

    Best of all, the pond professionals at Universal Aquatics are wholly committed to the Lawrenceville homeowners they serve, transforming a normal yard into the outdoor oasis the entire neighborhood will be talking about. How can Universal Aquatics help you and your pond? Call today for a free consultation.

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