The Perfect Backyard Water Feature

Professional Koi Pond and Fountain Installation

Are you a Lilburn resident or business owner interested in adding a custom water feature to your property? Look no further than Universal Aquatics – the most trusted name in water garden design,

pond maintenance, and fountain installation. For over 15 years, our independently owned and operated team has worked with hundreds of Atlanta area homeowners to turn their backyard visions into realities.

A water feature is an outdoor (or sometime indoor) fixture that relies on a system of tubes, filters, and pumps to create an elaborate running water display. Popular water features include bubbling rock fountains, vase fountains, koi ponds, garden streams, and pondless waterfalls. The visual appeal and relaxing sound of these water features instantly turns your outdoor space into a relaxing getaway.

Want more information about installing a custom water feature on your property in the Lilburn area? Call the aquascaping experts today at Universal Aquatics for a free design consultation. Contact us at (404) 680-2150.

How It Works

Every project at Universal Aquatics starts with an intensive design phase. Our aquascaping professionals survey the outdoor area and develop a custom plan that meets your budget and your expectations. As a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), our process meets industry benchmarks in quality, craftsmanship, and durability.  A pond is more than just mechanical parts – it’s a living work of art that isn’t complete without complementary plants, fish, or flowers. We understand that every pond is a careful combination of these biological and mechanical factors, so we guarantee a
finished product that is both visually stunning and reliable. Here’s how our process works:

• Schedule a consultation: Our water garden experts need to understand several elements of your project before installation. What’s your budget? What elements do you want to incorporate? How large or small is the installation area? With this information, we will create a custom design plan.

• Installation: Actually putting the system into place can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the size of the project. From pond liners to waterproof lighting, we use only the highest-quality, industry-approved parts, meaning that you get the most out of your new outdoor pond.

• Regular Maintenance: Occasionally your fountain, pond, or backyard stream will require scheduled maintenance. Usually this is as simple as replacing a filter, winterizing the water feature, or doing a seasonal cleaning. We help remind you when to take care of this maintenance.

Choosing the Right Team

There are dozens of koi pond professionals in Lilburn, but there is only one that has gained national exposure for excellence in design. Universal Aquatics has been featured in the Pond Trade Magazine and the 2016 Water Garden Expo, giving us the industry know-how to install the best water feature in the business. Contact us today to see how you can get started or learn more about our services and repairs.