The perfect Spring Pond

The perfect Spring Pond

When the cold of winter fully sets in, it can sometimes seem like spring will never come. However, the weather will turn warm before you know it, making winter the perfect time to start planning your spring home improvement projects like installing a pond. Although you may not realize it, you can take the quiet winter months to map out your strategy for placing a beautiful spring garden in your Georgia backyard. 

Learn some tips for planning your new spring pond during the winter months and find out how you can install your pond quickly and easily.

Picking the Perfect Pond Placement

The first thing that you need to decide when you’re thinking about installing a spring pond is to decide where the right installation point is.  Not every area in your backyard is suitable for a pond, so you want to make sure that you pick a location that will maximize your enjoyment of this water feature. 

Ideally, your pond will be half in sun and half in shade, which means you need to pick a spot that is near a shade providing tree. While you want to make sure that your pond is near enough to the shade, you also need to make sure your pond does not damage the tree’s root system. In addition, if too many branches overhang your pond, it can lead to leaves falling into your pond and potentially damaging your pond’s environment. 

Choosing the Right Liner

Second only to the location of your pond is what kind of pond liner you will use. Although you may not realize it, pool liners actually come in two different styles: pre-formed and flexible. Each of these liner types have their own strengths, so it’s vital that you look at them more closely to make sure you choose the right one for you. 

Pre-formed liners often have built in designs and areas where you can place plants. However, when you’re planning your pond, you want to be able to express yourself creatively as fully as possible, which makes flexible pool liners the better choice. With flexible pond liners, you can install shelves for plants and dig your pond in interesting shapes, allowing you to design the backyard pond of your dreams.

Thoughts About Filtration

While it’s also a beautiful water feature, a backyard pond is also its own environment, which means you need to think about the tools and features necessary to keep this environment clean and functional. With the right planning, your pond will actually sustain itself, including providing sustenance for any fish you might have. 

In order to preserve the balance of your pond you need to prevent stagnation, which means you need to install a pump and a filtration system. Your pump and filtration system will keep the water in your pond moving and allow plant and animal life to thrive.

Get Help Planning a New Spring Pond

With the right planning and preparation, installing a new spring pond in your backyard should be a fun, easy and rewarding project. However, if you’ve never planned to install a water feature in your home before, then you might need some help coming up with designs and getting answers to your questions about the installation process. Get help planning for your spring pond this winter by working with the water experts at Universal Aquatics. 

Serving multiple areas of Georgia, Universal Aquatics is passionate about helping our customers choose the right water features for their home, and we would be proud to serve you. Contact us today for more information about our services.