Pond Algae

The nemesis of the pond world. Pond algae is one of the so called red flags of backyard pond ownership. This article will help the pond keeper control and manage this pond scum dirty word.

What causes pond algae?

Algae in ponds is caused by several contributing factors. Excessive nutrients caused by fish waste or uneaten goldfish and koi fish food, amount and duration of direct sunlight and/or a lack of pond filters. While all of these factors contribute to the amount of algae in the fish pond, they can all be controlled to allow the health of your pond to flourish in the years ahead.

Excessive Nutrients in the Pond

The amount of fish that live in your pond or fish load directly relates to how much algae growth you have in your koi pond. The more fish you have, the greater the chance that you will have more pond algae that needs to be controlled.

Direct Sunlight 

The amount and duration of sunlight that your pond receives directly effects the amount of algae growth that your fish pond will have. Algae in ponds is a plant, and it loves sunlight. Less sunlight equals less algae in most cases if everything else in the pond is well balanced. Pond plants can be added to the water feature in order to help combat natural algae growth.

Pond Filters

Pond filters installed on the backyard fish pond and waterfalls can tremendously improve the water quality of the ecosystem within your water feature. There are several pond filters that can be installed that can aid in a properly balanced pond.

Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae Control in Atlanta, GA by Universal Aquatics

Biofalls Filter or Waterfall Pond Filter

The start of the waterfall and one of the main pond filters installed on your koi fish pond. These filters are the main filtration units on your backyard pond. They help the system remain well balanced and thriving.

Pond Skimmer

Pond skimmers are used to allow debris such as leaves, fish waste and plant material to be skimmed off of the surface of the pond and stored in a basket for easy disposal.

UV Sterilizer

A uv pond filter is used to control unsightly green pond water and improve water clarity. They are also beneficial is reducing fish disease causing microorganisms harmful to pond inhabitants.

Pond Ionizer

Pond Ionizers are an electronic means of algae control in ponds. They drastically reduce pond maintenance caused by string algae. They release ions in the water to achieve maximum water feature clarity. Ionizers reduce unsightly string algae not only in ponds, but also in backyard waterfalls, pondless waterfall systems and fountains.

Although pond filters, direct sunlight and excessive nutrients caused by the fish load on the system are all contributing factors of pond algae, they all have to be well balanced in order to maintain a beautiful pond ecosystem. If just one of the previous factors aren’t properly balanced, it could spell pond algae city for your water feature design.

Pond algae control can be a little tricky sometimes. Please visit universalaquatics.com for more algae controlling tips as well as professional expertise for koi pond design, installation or maintenance in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

John Magyar, Owner of Universal Aquatics LLC in Atlanta Georgia, is a Pond Biologist that has over 15 years of experience in pond design, installation and maintenance of koi ponds, pondless waterfalls, water gardens and water fountains. Our expertise stems from years of work in the zoo and public aquarium industry throughout the United States. We offer trained biologists who have the knowledge and experience needed to assist you with any questions that may arise regarding your water feature. We take a fish first approach when it comes to designing and building our ponds and other water feature systems.