Water Feature Maintenance Plans

If you have a backyard pond, you understand the need for routine maintenance and pond cleaning. We are your pond experts- from pond installation, pond cleaning and pond repair. When it comes to your backyard water features, we can do it all.

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Spring Cleanout: Annual Maintenance Program

  • Remove water in pond.
  • Gently remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water.
  • Pressure wash pond, stream/waterfall.
  • Remove debris from the pond bottom.
  • Clean all filter pads, skimmer and pump as needed.
  • The waterfall filter will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
  • Check lighting system.
  • Clean all light lenses and inspect for burned out bulbs.
  • Check pumps for proper flow.
  • Make necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
  • Add dechlorinator and start the pond filling.
  • Re-introduce fish.

NOTES: The majority of debris is to be removed.  Plants will be divided and repotted upon your request for an additional fee.

Pond Spring Cleanout Video:
Shows exactly what to expect on a pond spring cleaning visit.

Monthly Maintenance Program

  • Algae Cleaning.
  • Removal of any debris in the pond.
  • Décor/Rock Cleaning if needed.
  • Adding treated water to compensate for any evaporation loss.
  • Inspecting healthiness and overall wellbeing of fish.
  • Inspecting and rinsing all filtration devices.
  • Clean skimmer net.
  • Observing overall welfare of system.
  • Adding water conditioners (chlorine remover) if needed.
  • Performing a 20-30% monthly water change if needed.
  • Check pumps for proper flow.
  • Check auto-fill valve for proper function and water level (adjust as needed) if applicable.
  • Skim water surface and along sides and bottom.
  • Trim pond and stream plants, removal of dead leaves and flowers if needed.
  • Check lighting system.

NOTES: Visits are once to twice per month.

Fall Closing:
Annual Maintenance Program

  • Cut back aquatic plants and remove tropical plants for winter storage or disposal.
  • Remove any debris.
  • Shut down pump(s) upon request. When shutting down, an aerator unit should be purchased and placed in the pond for continued circulation.
  • Place net over pond to reduce volume of leaves and other debris that settle, as well as protection from predators.

*A net and aerator unit are highly recommended during winter months.