There is something special about having a backyard pond. The beauty and life it brings makes your home feel like a natural getaway. After a long day in the office or running the kids to ball practice, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting at your outdoor oasis by your pond.

Adding a pond or waterfall system to your backyard patio makes the perfect space for a variety of activities. The natural and relaxing beauty make your backyard the top choice for neighborhood barbecues, friend and family gatherings, and more.

You can make the most of your pond by adding additional features such as plants and wildlife. Ask your local pond installer about which plants are right for your pond. The right mixture of plants will provide the visual effect you’re looking for and keep your goldfish healthy.

Although adding plants and fish to your pond is nice, there’s an even better way to enjoy your backyard pond: installing pond and garden lights.

Pond & Garden Lights

How to Enjoy Your Pond the Most: Install Pond & Garden Lights

Your pond is beautiful during the day, but without any lights, it is almost nonexistent at night.

When you add lights to your goldfish pond, you actually create two different ponds that you are able to enjoy: one koi pond in the daytime and another completely different pond that can be enjoyed in the evening hours.

You can now extend the length of your backyard gatherings, while also enjoying other activities as well.

The extra light in your backyard allows for events that could not happen before. You watch an outdoor movie, read a book, or simply continue spending time with your family or guests without having to return inside.

Installing pond lights creates a beautiful and majestic backyard scenery that can be enjoyed when viewing both outdoors and indoors.

Pond and garden lights are often installed to illuminate not only the goldfish and pond itself but to add beauty to the surrounding landscape. Even when sitting inside and looking out the window, you will be able to see your pond and the area around it.

Additionally, installing pond and garden lights will add to your home’s curb appeal, as your neighbors and others driving through the area will be able to see your pond at all times.

Benefits of Pond & Garden Lights

With pond and garden lights, you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard or koi pond like never before.

Pond lighting can also be installed in a waterfall or stream area to further enhance and accent the natural beauty of running water.

After installing pond lighting, you’ll be able to:

  • Watch your koi pond come alive in the evening hours
  • Watch the light dance off the trees
  • Enjoy your backyard for longer periods of time
  • Enjoy the enhanced beauty of your backyard

If you have a koi pond, waterfall or other water feature and are looking to add pond and garden lights, contact Universal Aquatics.

With years of professional experience, the Universal Aquatics team can install your pond lighting and more, such as complete pond maintenance or repairs.

One of the most important factors when determining the quality of a business is if they use the product themselves.

John Magyar, the owner of Universal Aquatics, has a 95′ pondless waterfall system in his backyard, and he and his family enjoy it more during the evening due to the glow of pond lights.

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