Universal Aquatics provides service to pond owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area that are experiencing pond leaks.

Our highly experienced crew members are trained to be able to isolate and pinpoint the damaged area. After the leak has been discovered, we can provide the best possible solution to resolve the issue.

    Nothing is more frustrating to backyard pond owners than discovering that there is a leak in their pond, except for maybe pond algae. Leaks in ponds can be caused by a number of items including improper water feature installation, holes created in pond liner, leaking waterfall filters and pond skimmers, pond plumbing leaks as well as animals such as chipmunks and dogs damaging the pond liner. What is even more frustrating is the fact that pond leaks cannot always be located. This is often the case when concrete has been used in the project, or when stones used in the water feature are simply too large to be moved by hand.

    When you call to schedule a pond leak detection visit, the first thing we will ask is if you have performed a test to see if the pond or the waterfall is leaking. This is accomplished by first shutting off the waterfall, filling the pond to the level of normal operation, and by waiting a few days to see if the pond goes down. If the pond water level does indeed get lower, then the leak is in the fish pond. If this is the case, continue to monitor the water level until it has stopped going down. If the water level isn’t going down in the koi pond itself, then we know that the leak is in the waterfall portion of the water feature. Once we have that information, we will be able to further assist you in fixing your pond leak. Please keep in mind that we recommend installing a pond air pump or a backup pond pump on your system before shutting it off to perform the test, especially in the middle of summer. Oxygen levels must be maintained during the test, or your koi and goldfish won’t be very happy.

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