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Universal Aquatics LLC, of Atlanta Georgia, has over 15 years of experience in koi pond installation, design and maintenance. We are also Certified Pond Contractors specializing in pond repairs. Our expertise stems from years of work in the zoo and public aquarium industry throughout the United States. We offer trained biologists who have the knowledge and experience needed to assist you with any questions that may arise regarding your water feature. We take a fish first approach when it comes to designing and building our ponds and other water feature systems.

    Pond Remodel Projects

    Universal Aquatics offers pond remodeling services. Our business thrives because of existing pond remodel projects. Ponds are commonly poorly constructed by both do-it-yourself enthusiasts as well as inexperienced professionals. Installing natural, properly balanced low maintenance water features is much more challenging than most realize. Also, the quality and craftsmanship is sometimes simply not present, or they are not functioning properly due to a lack of pond filters. Often backyard waterfalls need a face-lift if the owner is looking for a different style altogether. If you are in need of a pond remodel, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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    Backyard Pond Repairs

    As Certified Pond Contractors, we offer the most qualified water feature knowledge and service in the industry. We offer several options in regards to pond repair.

    Pond Leaks: Pond leaks are among the most common concerns with water garden owners. Universal Aquatics offers pond leak detection and troubleshooting services. After the leak has been located, we will give you the best option available to resolve the issue.

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    Pump Repair: If your existing pond pump stopped working, we can service the pump or replace the unit with a new one to get your garden pond up and running in no time.

    Pond Plumbing Repair: If your existing pond plumbing is not performing properly, we can repair or replace the damaged portion.

    Fallen Rock: Universal Aquatics replaces or readjusts the stone used in your water feature project. Exposed liner is not only unsightly, but it can be damaged more easily than when covered. If your existing pond or pondless waterfall needs a little adjusting in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please contact us.

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