Universal Aquatics provides koi pond consultations as well as other water feature consultation services for our customers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Consultations are a great solution for new or existing water feature owners that would like professional solutions for their long term water feature needs.

    Pond Algae

    Universal Aquatics offers pond algae maintenance services to our customers. We offer trained pond biologists that can determine what is causing the excess algae growth as well as offer the best possible solution to keep it under control so your water feature can be admired by you and your family for years to come.

    Pond Leaks

    Universal Aquatics provides service to pond owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area that are experiencing pond leaks. Our highly experienced crew members are trained to be able to isolate and pinpoint the damaged area. After the leak has been discovered, we can provide the best possible solution to resolve the issue.

    Pond Repair and Water Feature Renovations

    We offer koi pond and pondless waterfall consultations regarding damaged water features. If you are experiencing a pond or water garden that is in need of repair or renovation, please call one of our highly trained pond biologists to set up a consultation today.

    New Fountain Installations

    If you would like assistance designing a new water feature including ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains, Universal Aquatics provides new installation services to our clients.

    Ponds / Waterfalls

    As Certified Aquascape Pond Contractors, we offer a wide variety of water features that can be installed. Ponds are a great choice for water feature enthusiasts that want the visual appeal of running water as well as fish. The effects of pond lighting on a new or existing pond allows you to have one water feature during the day and a completely different garden pond that can be enjoyed during the evening hours, even from inside the house.

    Pondless Waterfall Systems

    Pondless waterfalls offer another option for our clients that like the idea of a waterfall but don’t want the maintenance associated with a pond. A pondless waterfall system allows for a stream and/or waterfall without a pond! The water simply disappears beneath the surface into an underground reservoir. Perfect for public settings where child safety or the liabilities of a pond may be a concern. Virtually maintenance free! Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks, you can even use rainwater.


    Universal Aquatics is your leading fountain installer in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Fountains are a great choice for people that want the soothing sound of running water with limited space or without making a large investment. The most common styles of fountains that we install are Overflowing Urn Fountains and Basalt Column Fountains. Most decorative fountains can be installed in only one day. This allows our customers to have an instant water feature and eliminates the amount of time required to install a larger backyard pond or pondless waterfall system.

    Pond Maintenance and Cleaning

    We offer pond maintenance consultation services to our customers in need of long term solutions for keeping their outdoor water fountain in the best condition possible.