Certified Aquascape Pond Contractors Universal Aquatics of Atlanta, GA installs retention detention pond liners for areas such as golf courses, subdivisions and community ponds, commercial properties and in the agricultural sector. These retention pond liners are ideal for areas such as hospitals, community properties and private lakes, waterfalls and streams.

    Retention Ponds are a necessary part of the world we live in. They are often a requirement for new property development. These ponds are basins that contain the runoff water from higher elevation areas. They aid in limiting flooding from the surrounding environment. Although these retention / detention ponds are often quickly filled and emptied, they can also be designed to hold water to create a more natural ecosystem pond environment that is far more attractive than an empty hole.

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    Universal Aquatics recently installed over 10 acres of retention and detention pond liners for a hospital. The project stretched out several football fields in length and included a 300′ stream and several massive waterfalls with machine set boulders. If you or your company is in need of a retention or detention pond liner installer on your next project, Universal Aquatics is the company for you.

    Retention Pond Lining Project – Knoxville, TN