Adding the Koi Pond or Garden Stream You’ve Always Wanted

Koi Pond

Transforming your backyard into an outdoor paradise is easier with Universal Aquatics.  From serene backyard waterfalls to illuminated koi ponds, these outdoor water features give your property an elegant, comforting touch. Using the highest quality materials and replacement parts, Universal Aquatics is committed to making your outdoor water display wallet-friendly and low-maintenance.

Why should Roswell homeowners consider adding a stream, pondless waterfall system, or fountain to their property? It comes down to three main considerations:

• Visual Appeal: The most exciting part of backyard renovations is physically redesigning the outdoor space. Our installation team will model the design beforehand, using complementary rock formations, plants, and lighting to bring out the best in your home and your yard.

• Value: Investing in a koi pond is never a decision that’s made overnight. Of course, homeowners want to know that their new outdoor investment will not be a maintenance nightmare. For that, we always suggest hiring a trusted contractor that can help build your dream display in a way that’s both reliable and cost effective.

• Relaxation: Enjoying a summertime barbecue with the quiet trickle of running water in the background is a feeling of absolute serenity and calmness. Reading a book or sipping a morning cup of coffee gives you the feeling of getting away, even though you’re in your own backyard.

Commercial Pond Installation and Waterfall Displays

Need a running water display for your business or other commercial project? From neighborhood entrances to country club golf courses, hundreds of Roswell businesses want to transform their property into a visually stunning work of art. Universal Aquatics has dealt with clients large and small throughout the Metro Atlanta area, so we can help your business craft the perfect pond or waterfall.

Our team of outdoor design experts has been involved in large-scale projects, like adding acres of retention pond liners to an Atlanta area hospital. We have also added custom fountain displays to dozens of golf courses, outdoor shopping malls and neighborhood communities. Best of all, we work hand-in-hand with your business to develop a plan that will keep you in budget while also providing an aesthetic makeover.

Why Choose Universal Aquatics?

In the pond and artificial waterfall industry, there are only a few teams that approach each project with a careful blend of aesthetic beauty, mechanical durability, and biological harmony. After all, these outdoor improvements are living and breathing works of art, with plants and fish that require delicate care. With years of expert zoological training and nearly two decades of happy customers, Universal Aquatics is the best name in Roswell koi ponds and decorative waterfalls.

Speak with an outdoor design specialist today or look through our pond services.