Paradise can become a reality with Universal Aquatics. We create luxurious designs and bring them to life. When getting started, you can choose between one of our many designs found in our online gallery or you can create your own design. Our virtual gallery is a great way to draw some inspiration for your own creation. From beautiful waterfalls to elegant koi ponds, we have the right design and the accompanying Sugar Hill pond services to help you reach your dream.

Sugar Hill Pond Installation

Maybe you have seen a backyard pond when strolling through the neighborhood. Interested in one of these creations yourself? Universal Aquatics lets you design one of your own koi or goldfish ponds or choose from one our previous featured creations. Personalize your pond with some of our luxury enhancements like waterfalls and other elements during your Sugar Hill pond installation.

Installing ponds or water features with Universal Aquatics is easy. We offer several types of pond installations including koi ponds, backyard ponds, pondless, disappearing or waterless waterfalls, water fountains, and more. Choose between a variety of plants and accessories, such as pond and garden lights to make your pond as beautiful as ever! Backyard ponds are a great way to bring a mini piece of paradise to your home!

Sugar Hill Pond Maintenance

At Universal Aquatics we do our best to keep your pond running like new. With our ongoing pond maintenance and water treatments, we help keep your water features up to par. Upon your pond installation, we also install all necessary water filters to prevent water contamination and unnecessary algae growth.

To make the most of your pond, you should schedule an ongoing Sugar Hill pond maintenance service. Keeping your pond in check could potentially prevent the need for future pond repair such as pond leaks and creates an outdoor escape that is less costly in the long run.

Universal Aquatics is proud to have been offering Sugar Hill pond services for nearly 20 years. Our beautiful backyard landscaping designs help liven the area up and provide a sense of elegance. Trust in us to give you an outdoor paradise you are sure to love. Call now to get started! 404-680-2150