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Installing A Water Feature on Your Property

How can you make your backyard an even more relaxing place to enjoy a cup of coffee or share a summer barbecue? Installing a koi pond or custom water garden might be the answer for you. Backyard Water Feature With the calming sound of running water and rustic charm of rocks and flowers, these backyard additions are the perfect way to reinvigorate your property.

At Universal Aquatics, our team of pond specialists has installed hundreds of backyard masterpieces for Loganville residents and homeowners. As an independently owned and operated team in the Metro Atlanta area, we are proud to turn your home improvement goal into an affordable backyard reality.

Want more information about koi ponds, backyard streams, or garden fountains? Call the Universal Aquatics experts today at (404) 680-2150 for a design consultation or learn more about our installation and maintenance services.

Our Services

As a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), our team of installation technicians and outdoor design experts has been independently reviewed to meet industry standards in quality and reliability. That means all of our services meet our low-maintenance guarantee. We pledge to use only the best replacement parts and products so that you can enjoy your water feature without the maintenance headaches.  From installation to emergency repairs, our services include:

• Installation: designing and constructing a one-of-a-kind water feature like a bubbling rock fountain, rock column fountain, koi pond, retention wall or retention pond, backyard fish habitat, pondless waterfall, or garden stream

• Maintenance & repairs: our team will identify the source of leaks and faulty filtration systems, replacing the parts for long-term durability. We also provide regular maintenance services for winterizing and seasonal cleanings.

Commercial Fountain Installation

Golf courses, neighborhood entrances, and other businesses often need a way to make their location stand out. For an elaborate, sophisticated look, more and more business owners are choosing to add decorative fountains or waterfalls to their property. Not only does this increase the value and curb appeal of the location, but it encourages growth by attracting new customers to the business.

Universal Aquatics has led large-scale projects for many commercial properties, like adding acres of retention pond liners to an Atlanta-area hospital. We’ve even added dozens of custom fountains to country clubs and subdivisions in and around Loganville.  Whatever your budget, our experts will design and install a project that gives your property the added flair you’re looking for.

Why Universal Aquatics?

There’s a reason our backyard designs have been featured in Pond Trade Magazine and the annual Water Garden Expo. It’s because we pioneer the newest trends in outdoor style while using the newest and most reliable technology. Call today!