When the weather turns warmer and it seems like spring is just around the corner, many of us start thinking about landscaping our yards. However, many homeowners have a limited amount of Adding a Water Feature to your Landscapespace to work with, especially when it comes to choosing water features. If you want to add a water feature to your small garden, it can be helpful to learn about some of the ideal water features for small spaces.  By targeting the right items, you can easily add an attractive water feature to your home. Read about a few popular small garden water features and find out how you can get help installing these features in your home’s garden.

Pick a Fountain

If you’re looking for a water feature that will improve the look of your small garden without taking up a large amount of space, one of your best choices is a fountain. Although fountains have long been a popular choice for background gardens, they are sometimes overlooked in small gardens due to the assumption they will take up too much space.

However, contrary to what you may think, you can choose a fountain that will fit perfectly in your small garden and give your home a brand-new look just in time for spring.

Install a Small Garden Pond

A concern of many homeowners looking to improve the look of their small garden is whether they have enough space to install a garden pond. Fortunately, garden ponds are not one size fits all, and can be customized to fit the exact amount of space that you have available.

If you have a smaller size garden, it’s a good idea to consult with a water feature professional. A professional who is experienced with installing custom garden ponds can tell you exactly what shape and size ponds are right for your backyard and which styles are likely to pay the biggest aesthetic benefits.

Choose a Rock Pond or Rock Garden

When you’re looking for a new landscaping look for your backyard, sometimes a subtle water feature is the right choice. For an understated small garden water features that can give your garden a fantastic appearance you should consider installing either a rock pond or a rock garden.

The great thing about rock ponds is the ability to construct your pond from differently shaped and colored rocks, which allows you to customize the water feature to fit the style that you’ve imagined for your small garden. Installing a rock garden can be the ideal choice when you’re looking for a simple makeover that can give your garden a unique look.

Get Help Picking Small Garden Water Features

When you’re planning your spring landscaping for your small garden, you want to make sure to add interesting, attractive water features. However, if you’ve never installed a water feature before, it can be hard to know what options are right for your home. Get help choosing the right small garden water features for you by working with the professionals at Universal Aquatics.

At Universal Aquatics, we pride ourselves on helping our customers choose and install the water features that make for a beautiful, enjoyable backyard. Contact us today to learn more about our services.