Summer is in full swing, and you’re spending your evenings relaxing in your backyard oasis. The sounds from the water in your pond are soothing, your water garden is in full bloom, and life is good. You’re enjoying life’s simple pleasures when you notice something troubling: your pond doesn’t look as full as it used to be.

You try to not worry too much as you monitor your pond over the next few days. Your spirits sink in time with the water level as each day passes and your pond gets emptier and emptier. What could be causing this problem? Well, there are a few issues to look out for.

The summer heat is causing the water to evaporate gradually

As a Georgia resident, you know just how hard the summers hit. Remember learning about the water cycle in grade school? That process applies to your pond. The Atlanta heat will cause the water to slowly evaporate from your pond, but keep in mind that this is a gradual process. If you notice that your pond’s water level is going down at an alarming rate, there might be a more serious issue at work here, which brings us to our next point…

Your pond’s plumbing system has a leakPond Leak Detection

Although your pond may look natural, remember that you had a pond maintenance technician manually install your water feature. This process included setting up a plumbing system in order for your pond to circulate its water more easily and for you to be able to add water effortlessly. And like any plumbing system, parts will eventually break and/or need replacing.

If you don’t think the water level issue is from a plumbing system leak, there is one more common reason to look out for:

Your pond liner has become unattached or is leaking

Many pond installation service technicians will secure your pond liner by tucking the edges underneath the rocks that act as a natural perimeter around your pond. Keep an eye on these rocks, because if too many fall out of place, your pond liner will no longer be secure and your pond’s water can escape more easily.

There are different materials that pond installers use when choosing your pond liner. Whether it’s soft vinyl, EPDM, or a hard shell liner, any kind of puncture in the material will cause your pond to lose water. Be on the lookout for holes or tears in your pond’s liner as the water level continues to recede.

Universal Aquatics has pond leak detection services as part of our regularly scheduled solutions. We will walk you through the process of determining what is causing your pond’s water level to decline, and will come to your home and fix the problem in a timely manner.

Are you interested in our Atlanta pond installation services? Contact us for a quote or to set up a pond maintenance plan today! We can find your leaks before they become a major problem. Call now! 404.680.2150