Same Charm, Less Maintenance

Pondless waterfalls are one of the most exciting new trends in backyard water features. As a completely pond-less system, these running water displays don’t have many of the same maintenance costs that larger systems have. No fish to feed. No filters to replace. If you’re an Atlanta homeowner that wants the
relaxation of an outdoor pond without the maintenance worries, then a pondless waterfall or stream is the perfect option for you! Call Universal Aquatics today for more information about the latest designs.

How It Works

Unlike a normal water feature, pondless systems do not have a visible basin to collect water or runoff.  Instead, these fixtures utilize an underground drainage reservoir that’s hidden beneath natural rocks, creating a stunning “disappearing” effect that recycles water back to the beginning of the system. You get the same beautiful display of splashing water, just without all the moving parts and pumping components. Fewer moving parts means fewer unexpected repairs and maintenance calls.

To keep your pondless waterfall full at all times, all you need to do is refill the reservoir every few weeks.  This is as easy as using the garden hose to add more water, or you can just refill the basin with recycled rainwater. During the fall, you might encounter leaves and other outdoor debris clogging the stream, but
these can be quickly removed with an everyday leaf blower. All of our designs can also be fitted with waterproof lighting, so that you can watch the stream of water dance across illuminated rocks, even at night.

Other Advantages of Pondless Systems

When you’re designing your new outdoor water feature, choosing the pondless system can often prove to be more economical and efficient. Here’s why some of our customers choose pondless streams and waterfalls:

• Safety: Many parents just aren’t comfortable with the idea of an unsupervised body of water on their property, especially if they have young children. Pondless waterfalls virtually eliminate that risk, allowing your backyard to be a beautiful, yet kid-friendly paradise.
• Finances: Installing an outdoor water feature is a big investment, so cutting unnecessary installation costs can save some serious cash. Less money spent on parts and labor means more money for home improvement projects elsewhere.
• Size Constraints: Ponds require a significant amount of space to hold rocks, filtration equipment, and hundreds of gallons of water. Pondless waterfall systems allow our team to install beautiful designs in limited spaces.

Industry-Recognized Quality

Throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, there are only a few pond professionals that are Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC). Our designs have undergone strict independent review to achieve the highest standards in quality and reliability. For over 15 years, our backyard technicians have pioneered
the newest systems in water feature technology, helping hundreds of homeowners achieve their backyard improvement goals.

Need A Repair?

Did another company install your pondless waterfall and now it doesn’t seem to work? The professionals at Universal Aquatics offer no-hassle repair services for all types of backyard streams, fountains, koi ponds, and water features. We use only high-quality replacement parts so that you get the most out of every dollar you invest in your outdoor water display. We also create a custom maintenance calendar so that you can get seasonal ownership advice and cleaning reminders from our team.

Universal Aquatics proudly serves the homeowners and businesses of Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.  For more information about pondless waterfall installation, call (404) 680-2150.

Other services include: existing pond repair, pond leak detection and troubleshooting, pond pump replacement, renovations and pond remodeling, spring pond cleaning and pond maintenance, pond algae control, pond filter installation, pond lighting installs, decorative fountain installation, retention and detention pond liners as well as water feature consultations.